The <Wait> element silently waits for a specified number of seconds. If <Wait> is the first element in a XML document, Plivo will answer the call and wait the specified number of seconds.

Element Attributes

Attribute Name Description Allowed Values Default Value
length interval in seconds to wait integer > 0 1 second


Example 1: Simple Wait

    <Speak voice="rms">I will Wait 7 seconds starting now!</Speak>
    <Wait length="7"/>
    <Speak voice="rms">I just waited 7 seconds</Speak>

Example 2: Waiting for voice path to establish

This examples uses <Wait> to answer the call and wait for 2 seconds before speaking "Hello". This is usually done to add a delay after answer so that the voice path is fully established before we start generating audio.

    <Wait length="2"/>
    <Speak voice="rms">Hello.</Speak>