The <SendFax> element sends fax from your local storage. The fax to be transmitted must be in tiff format

Element Attributes

Attribute Name Description Allowed Values Default Value
header FAX header to be sent to the receiving terminal Any ASCII string up to 20 chars.
ident FAX identity to be sent to the receiving terminal (it will show up in the LCD of the terminal) Any ASCII string up to 20 chars.
action URL to be called with fax operation result. It can be a list of URLs separated by comamns (to permit fallback in case the main URL fails to reply)
  • header and ident are used to compose a header line at the top of each page of the fax.
  • if the file to be sent doesn't exist, call will terminate and error will be notified as Error="Cannot execute SendFax. File {{FILE}} doesn't exist"

After fax operation finishes, Plivo will call the 'action' URL with the following parameters:

Parameter Description
FaxResultCode See:
FaxResultText See:
FaxOperation 'transmission' or 'reception' (but in this case, 'transmission')
FaxFilePath path of TIFF file


Example 1: simple


Example 2: setting header and ident

    <SendFax header="Basix FaxServer" ident="0312341234">faxes/main_office_map.tiff</SendFax>