The <Say> element offers access to FreeSWITCH Say command. This is used to permit to output numbers, dates, telephone numbers etc in languages for which we don't have TTS (Text-To-Speech) support.

Element Attributes

Attribute Name Description Allowed Values Default Value
language Language to be used in the Say operation Currently, only 'en' (English) is supported. Please contact Basix Support if you need other languages. en
type Type of element to output One of: number, items, persons, messages, currency, time_measurement, current_date, current_time, current_date_time, telephone_number, telephone_extension, url, ip_address, postal_address, account_number, name_spelled, name_phonetic, short_date_time none
method Method to be used for output pronounced, interated, counted none
gender Gender of the item to be produced feminine, masculine, neuter none
Attribute method example: passing value of "42"
  • pronounced: "forty two"
  • iterated: "four two"
  • counted: "forty second"


Example 1: Composing a phrase using <Play> and <Say>

This XML document tells Plivo to output "you have 52732 dollas in your account."

    <Say language="en" type="number" method="pronounced">52732</Say>