The <ReceiveFax> element receives a fax and saves it into your local storage.

You must inform the file path where the fax should be saved.

If the folder/subfolders where the file should be saved don't exist, they will be created automatically.

Element Attributes

Attribute Name Description Allowed Values Default Value
action URL to be called when fax operation inishes. It can be a list of URLs separated by commas (to permit fallback in case the main URL fails to reply). It can be a Section name within the current document. This attribute is optional: if absent the processing will proceed to the next XML element.

After fax operation finishes, Basix will call the 'action' URL with the following parameters:

Parameter Description
FaxResultCode See:
FaxResultText See:
FaxOperation 'transmission' or 'reception' (but in this case, 'reception')
FaxFilePath path of TIFF file


Example 1

The below XML receives a fax and saves it as received_faxes/some_fax.tiff. If folder received_faxes doesn't exist, it will be created automatically.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>