This method allow you to obtain CallCenter Report

Method parameters

Parameter Name Description Allowed Values Default Value Optional
from_date Start of report date range "YYYY-MM-DD" none no
to_date End of report date range "YYYY-MM-DD" none no
mode Which data to fetch "summary", "date", "hour", "month", "day_of_week", "caller_name", "in_charge", "raw_channels", "raw_processed", "raw_detailed_cdr", "date_hour" no

Examples using curl

Example 1:

$ curl -u 'DOMAIN_NAME:API_TOKEN' -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"from_date": "2019-01-01", "to_date": "2019-01-31", "mode": "summary", "output": "json"}'

{"result_code":0, "data": {JSON_DATA}}

Example 2: getting data in CSV format.

For this, instead of POST use a GET request with parameters in the querystring. You must also include extra parameter output=csv:

$ curl -u 'DOMAIN_NAME:API_TOKEN' ''